During your initial consultation we will do four main things:

  1. We will discuss what type of portrait session you are looking for and begin the process of creating the perfect session for you including location, time & clothing choices.

  2. We will finalize a date and time for your session.

  3. You will receive a confirmation email & invoices for both Non-retainer and final payment.

  4. Your session will be finalized once the Non-refundable retainer payment has been made. The Non-refundable retainer will reserve your date & time & also be applied toward your total balance owed.



The remaining balance should be paid before your session begins so once your session begins there is nothing to worry about aside from having a good time and making the most of your time. I ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so everyone is ready to go at the start of your session, this is a good time to give little ones that may be hungry a quick snack, make sure hands and faces (especially noses) are cleaned and maybe a short walk to  unwind from the car ride. The wardrobe you choose plays a huge role in your session along with arriving early so you are able to enjoy your session without feeling rushed. 



Who isn't excited to share their photos right? A sneak peek of your session will be posted on social media in the days following your session, please feel free to use, share and tag posts but remember they are not to be saved until you receive your gallery. During busy seasons my goal is to get galleries returned to clients as soon as possible so sneak peeks are not always top priority which means they may take a bit longer.



You will receive a link and password with your proofing gallery which will allow you to choose the images you wish to have in your final collection. Once you have viewed your images you will make a favorites list and share your list with me once it has been finalized. At this time you can choose the number of images that is included in your package or you may purchase additional images either individually or as a entire collection. Please remember to choose your images within 72 hours. I contract out 3-4 weeks for proofing gallery return with the goal always being 1-2 weeks. Please keep in mind that during busy seasons the time frame will tend to be a bit longer than usual.



When you final collection has been completed you will receive a link and password for you final gallery. Once you have received your final gallery your images are ready for download and you may print as you wish. At this time you may choose to follow the print guidelines as outlined in my print release to print yourself or you are welcome to place a print order through me which is placed at my professional print shop. Please remember to download your collection within 7 days.



When ordering prints you will log into your collection & order your prints directly from my online store.